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HANGZHOU TECHNOLOGY CO,LTD known as DUOJIA. We belong to the group wsl. exclusive distributor group brand products in china and the rest of the world. We have several divisions of profile international with more than one decade of work based on continuous improvement from experiences with our clientes.comercializamos equipment, parts and parts as well as accessories range whether light and heavy. We offer supplies of cleaning supplementing proper care of personal and environmental hygiene. We will help you complete any order that you have of the building materials, air conditioning as well astool and supplies that you need in every moment. We offer a complementary line of office supplies for both students and professionals by stimulating your comfort with an estate worth for your convenience. DUOJIA, has created confidence values and recognition of consumers and suppliers, which to created the bases for developing positive brand and products of the same. Today our products are used in a number more and more countries, where have been welcomed with very good acceptance by its standards of quality and delivery.
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